Press ReleaseWhat is the ideal length of a press release and what makes a story newsworthy?

July 20, 2021
What is the ideal length of a press release and what makes a story newsworthy?

What is the ideal length of a press release and what makes a story newsworthy?

A press release is a short and compelling story written by a professional public relations copywriter or by the brand itself and then sent to targeted media. Press releases must be concise and contain general information critical for the media to gain knowledge about the product, services, or event. It helps the reporters and editor decide on whether the story would be newsworthy for their audience. When working on a release, it is essential to set the number of revisions. Having a set number of revisions provides set parameters for the work and time commitment. Agreement on the outline will facilitate time management and the final deliverable. Working towards a set deadline is extremely important when dealing with the media. After the release is sent, there are follow-up calls to pitch to the press.

Quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to writing a press release. According to The Guardian, the ideal length of a press release is about one A4 side, approximately 300-400 words. Take into consideration that a press release over a page decreases the reader’s interest. A press release’s primary goal is for the media to gain interest and information on the story. If further information is required, the reporter may contact to do a scoop interview. This interview can turn into a feature video on the media’s outlet. The media is looking for newsworthy stories that would appeal to their audience. They decide to share a story on their platform based on whether the press release content would be compatible with their audience.

What makes a story newsworthy?

  • Timing – Very important when writing or publishing a story. It must be up to date and relevant.
  • Significance – This determines whether a story is newsworthy or not because the more people it is affecting, the larger the scale of readers/viewers
  • Proximity – The more the story affects people geographically, the more attention is drawn to the story.
  • Human interest – Is the story appealing to human emotions?

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