Public Relations

We use strategic communication processes to help you build strong relationships with your target audience and create visibility.

By working closely together, we co-create a completely tailored communications plan. The goal is to amplify your brand’s visibility in the media. Some of the services we provide include press conferences, media briefings, group, and one-on-one interviews, press releases, and photo releases. We can also arrange spokesperson, media training, and crisis management training for the senior management team.

Digital Marketing

An effective way of reaching your consumers is by increasing your online presence. Today, many brands employ multi-channel content marketing to entice and engage the audience. To amplify your brand’s uniqueness and cut through the clutter, we strategically co-create the plan, the messages, produce and initiate campaigns to grab attention. Designed to help you continue to build the brand and resonate with your tribe.

Event Management

We believe that a well-orchestrated event is co-created. Together we strategize and co-plan event for your internal and/or external audience. Our support includes designing a theme, identifying the venue (online, offline or hybrid), selecting the presenters/partners/influencers, sourcing entertainment. Additionally, we assemble the tech team to support with the sound system, production services and other support the event may require. We provide a complete turnkey event management package that could be for 20 executives or 3000+ mini concert. Whatever the occasion is, our goal is to create a memorable event that communicates your brand.


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Graphic Designs

Are you looking to revamp your logo, brochure, or website to give your brand an updated look and feel? We understand that every business wants an easily recognizable visual identity aligned with its brand values that create an impression. Brief us on the statement you want to make with your logo or design, and we will craft a lasting visual for your organization.

We can also help you make a brand kit with a master design applicable for various formats such as stationary, business cards, company brochures, marketing collaterals, and much more.

Direct Marketing

Do you want to reach out to a specific market segment? Brand Now can support you with a direct marketing program. We can help you identify a suitable audience by using online and offline tools. This is helpful for market entry or the introduction of new products to a new target market. Direct marketing is a tactical way to engage the intended audience and can be applied to B2B and B2C. The use of digital CRM tools can garner interest, invite the audience to know more, and ultimately lead to sales for your products and services. Some examples of the direct marketing services we provide are a curation of a list(s), list cleaning, eDM, cross-promotional activities, and telemarketing.