Press ReleasePR is a Powerful Growth Hacking Tool for Start-ups

April 7, 2023
PR is a Powerful Growth Hacking Tool for Start-ups

I looked on my LinkedIn and came across a South African startup that’s reached out to express that he is looking to expand into Southeast Asia. I initiated a conversation with him, and during the discussion, he mentioned he also wanted to contact some investors. I asked if he has considered using PR as a tool as it is a powerful way to reach out to investors, target audiences/consumers, and potential employees.

I shared my presentation deck, which explains what PR can do for startups. PR is an effective tool for startups to create awareness for their products and services. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. This article will share how a startup can leverage PR for its growth hacking. Now let’s get into it.

PR is a cost-effective way to market the business. It creates a good image and builds credibility. PR’s primary purpose is to showcase your unique selling points and brand stories to your target audience. PR is incredibly valuable when you have a limited budget and is considered less expensive than traditional advertising. As a startup company, PR can help you create recognition and a positive brand image that draws in customers and partners, piques investors’ interest, and attracts employees.

It can also create trust and credibility. PR draws attention to the company and its products and services. It supplements advertising and other marketing programs with consistent communications and interesting stories. It can cement the brand’s name in the market. PR can also work as a form of third-party endorsement, which creates credibility with potential partners.

PR influences prospects to choose you over competitors who may not have any media exposure, or news coverage, such as sharing stories about the founders’ experiences and past successes, which can help attract investors, partners, and buyers.

Another type of story that attracts the media is about the company’s achievements and milestones. By showcasing the company’s culture, philosophy, perks, lifestyle, and creative and exciting projects, is a way to attract talent who share similar values as the company.

Lastly, PR can gain trust and credibility due to positive coverage party endorsement. The same applies to companies that received awards or recognition in the market. The reputation institute found a strong correlation between a company’s reputation and consumers’ willingness to recommend or buy from a credible company. is a boutique brand communications agency serving startups, unicorns disruptive, and blue-chip brands in Thailand, Asia, and around the world.

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