Press ReleaseGender-Responsive Communication: What Brands Should Know

January 11, 2022
การสื่อสารที่ตอบสนองต่อบทบาทหญิงชาย: สิ่งที่แบรนด์ควรรู้

Gender-Responsive Communication: What Brands Should Know

Gender-responsive communication has become important in daily life and in the workplace. Language choices produce an inclusive and positive environment. The safe space equalizes all genders and promotes empowerment through communication.

The social construct of gender will differ per person depending on the place, time, religion, environment, and culture. Today, people categorize themselves more diversely than simply male and female. For example, the LGBTQ+ community feels that self-proclamation is empowering. Making room for everyone’s preference forms the feeling that everyone is equal and valued.

In daily communications practice and in marketing and advertising, it is helpful to use the 3 P’s (Presence, Perspective, and Personality)[1]

  • Presence: Who is featured in the communication? Allow a different variety of people of ages and gender to communicate the message
  • Perspective: From whose perspective is the story being told? How? Include all gender perspectives respectfully and equally.
  • Personality: Lastly, the last ‘P’ refers to the personality of each individual. Showcase the differences through the depth of these characters.

Beyond increased awareness, everyone should be encouraged to take meaningful steps to reduce inequalities. Communication is a two-way conversation. Thus giving/receiving feedback, learning, sharing, and adapting is part of the process. It is advised to use gender-neutral terms. Asking people their preferred pronouns or title is encouraged. Avoid using gender-biased words, for instance, say ‘chairperson’ over chairmen/women, ‘business owners’ over businessmen/women, and so on.

Gender-biased terms Gender-neutral terms
Businessman / Businesswoman Business owners
Salesman / Saleswoman Salesperson
Chairman / Chairwoman Chairperson, chair
Mankind Humanity
Congressman / Congresswoman Member of Congress

Pacharee Pantoomano, Chief Consultant of, shares, “When it comes to PR and marketing guidelines for brands, we recommend avoiding gender stereotyping. Be mindful of the kind and types of content distributed. The new best practice includes demonstrating gender diversity and balance in internal and external communications with a positive focus highlighting inclusivity.

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