Press ReleaseHow Nano Influencers Can Generate More Business for You

March 30, 2021
How Nano Influencers Can Generate More Business for You

How Nano Influencers Can Generate More Business for You
30 Mar 2021 @ 13.30 is a crowd-promotion platform that facilitates the exchange between marketers and nano-influencers (mostly students) through technology. This webinar will discuss branding, marketing, promotion and best practices when it comes to working with influencers.

In a constantly evolving ecosystem, which is primarily digital-first, businesses must find ways to reach their target audience in impactful ways. While the social platforms do provide the proper channels to get the message across, how we construct and deliver the message has to designed in a way that really resonates with the potential consumer requires finesse. Digital platforms have given the opportunity to creative individuals to step-up and showcase their ability to really influence their immediate social circles and followers which opens new avenues for businesses to help them reach their audience in a more personal and innovative way.

This panel discussion would feature three speakers who will touch base on the best practices of utilizing influencer marketing, the benefits and significance of influencer marketing on the overall marketing strategy.

Pinaki Sachathamakul, the Founder of Brandface, a Thai-based p2p influencer marketing platform that plans to bring a new income stream to millions globally. Pinaki enables Thai 18–26-year-old to monetize from creating and publishing branded content on social media. At the same time, brands and agencies now have access to a large pool of relevant nano-influencers along with campaign management solutions and tracking tools.

Pacharee Pantoomano, an international marketing and communications professional with over 20 years’ experience, Pacharee delivers winning solutions for some of the world’s most disruptive and influential brands. From brand strategy to market entry and launches, Pacharee’s proven expertise comes together with stellar results for her clients. In this webinar, she will address the planning, management and execution of a campaign to achieve the brand goal(s).

Daniel Frick is Founder of Yummo, a conscious brands in food and wellness. He will share his campaign experiencer with nano influencers.

Moderated by Kazi Tahmid Imam, a tech enthusiast with a keen passion for advertising & communications.